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Kajabi Rolls Out ‘Newport’ Development Cycle Delivering Powerful Enhancements for Customers and the Future of the Platform

Jan 06, 2021

The latest cycle offers new features and upgrades surrounding contact imports, payment and sales tools, website templates, platform security, and user interface 


IRVINE, Calif. — Jan. 6, 2021 — Kajabi, an industry-leading all-in-one knowledge commerce platform, today began the roll-out of new features and enhancements as part of its Newport product-centric development cycle. To continuously prove its commitment to knowledge entrepreneurs, Kajabi implemented these eight-week product cycles as a concerted effort to regularly push the platform’s innovation engine and deliver even more value at a rapid pace. With the deployment of the latest cycle, Newport, Kajabi customers can expect to see the following product advancements and expansions: 


Contact Import Flow Contact lists are one of the most important assets in business, and importing it into Kajabi should be a quick and smooth process. With the new import flow, lists can be uploaded directly as a .CSV file, eliminating the need to manually copy and paste contacts. New fields can also be created during import based on the kind of contact data available. In addition to name, email, and tags, fields for a contact’s phone number, company name, job title, notes, and more can now also be added. The new flow intelligently maps these columns so imports are quick and efficient. Contact import limits have also been increased across the board. 


Payments and Sales Feature Enhancements The creation and management of coupons is now faster and more organized than ever before. Improvements to the coupon section’s user interface have made it more straightforward for better understanding which coupon settings are the best fit for specific offers, along with being able to quickly find information such as which bulk coupon codes have been redeemed and by who. Useful, new customizable options have also been added to the checkout flow, including email opt-in text at checkout and the upsell cancellation text some may want to provide their customers with after checkout. Lastly, with the importance of being SCA compliant as part of Europe’s recent PSD2 regulations, Kajabi made it easier to collect payments from European customers in a way that meets regulatory requirements without any extra hassle. European customers will now experience an even more secure, transparent and intuitive checkout flow that allows them to authenticate and complete their payment quickly. They’ll automatically receive an email when they have a payment authorization pending.


New Website Templates and Capability Kajabi announced its new website builder last cycle and promised more design templates were on the way. As part of the Newport Development cycle, two brand new templates are now available. The new templates were inspired by Kajabi Heroes in the tech industry and in the world of health and wellness, but both are designed to be flexible enough to use in other industries and niches as well. Kajabi noticed that when many people are designing their website, they tend to use the same content in multiple places which can be time-consuming and tedious to recreate. As a solution, Kajabi is introducing the ability to duplicate a block within the page you are working on, so you don’t have to build each block from scratch.


Enhancements and Investments in the Security and Stability of the Platform The security of customers’ businesses is one of Kajabi’s top priorities, which is why its made several investments to the backend of the platform to not only improve the security and stability of customers’ websites, but enhance their performance as well. Logic behind Automated List Hygiene has also been improved to introduce a clearer Contact Deletion process by adding a cleaner and more intuitive user interface for email broadcasts. Many Kajabi business owners have more than one person that helps run their business. And in that case, it’s always nice to know when something happened and who did it, especially if that action impacted a customer. One of the most common and significant actions an administrator takes in Kajabi is to grant or revoke Offer access. Now, when Kajabi customers are viewing a member’s purchase history, they’ll be able to see who granted, canceled, or revoked an offer for them in Kajabi.


Brand New User Interface for Intuitive Course and Product Creation As their knowledge businesses grow, Kajabi customers continue to have new ideas for products. With Kajabi’s new user interface, it’s even easier to revisit the product creation process, because creating new products should be so simple that knowledge entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to do it often or as many times as they’d like. Now, Kajabi customers will gain new insights to share with their audience, receive feedback allowing them to see their existing products in a new light, and roll all those learnings into a new product. Releasing new products is a powerful growth engine for their businesses, which is why Kajabi is helping them structure their products more intuitively and focus on the content, without having to worry about a complicated build process.